Video Marketing: How To Raise Brand Recognition and Sell Your Product

Video marketing is one of the bankable strategies nowadays because visuals have always proven to be one the best ways to put forward your ideas. Videos may have a great impact on your potential consumers. When planning to have an online video marketing campaign it will be best if you are up to date with the latest video marketing trends. This will ensure that you will be able to produce high-quality and effective videos for your websites, social media channels, and digital platforms. 

Actions speak louder than words and this is true with video marketing. This type of strategy works for the majority. Videos are more of an expression of how well you can showcase your brand in the eyes of the audience. Video marketing is a way to incorporate videos into your campaign and help increase brand recognition.

You also need to develop your video marketing strategy to be effective and communicate your message.

Here are some tips to optimize your video marketing strategy: 

Allocate resources 

Yes, you need to set a budget before shooting a video. This will help you avoid spending too much or too little that the quality of the video will suffer. Your team will need decent equipment, good editing software, and a video marketing team. These will take not only time but money. 

Tell you stories

Storytelling is one of the integral parts to effectively communicate your message. It will be best to schedule brainstorming sessions to identify the stories that you want to tell. In these sessions, you should also determine how you will package your message. Make sure that the story can be easily understood and digested by the audience.


You need to have a great intro that will hook the audience to watch the video until the end. At the same time, you should also have a great ending that will make you memorable to the audience. Outline what will make your story interesting and what will keep them at the edge of their seats. 

Keep it short

There may be length requirements for your video but you should make it as short as possible. Edit out the parts that are not necessary to maximize the airtime. Delete everything extraneous because people tend to have a short attention span and the least that you want is to have them leave even before you delivered your message. 

Publish and Analyze

You should publish your video on all possible channels. Post the video on your website, Youtube, and all over your social media channels. After publishing, you should promote this content as much as you can. Finally, when everything is out to the world, track the metrics and stats. This will help you understand which of your videos are effective and why. 

After spending time and resources producing your video content it will be ideal to get the results to plan for the next campaign, test the videos, analyze, and plan again. This cycle is crucial for the growth of your business otherwise you will just be scattering your content out in the open without solid results. 

A/B test your videos

A/B testing is a process of testing two different versions of a marketing asset by making adjustments to one of the variables. Each of the variables will be given to half of the audience and the other half will be given another variable. This test will help determine what your audience wants from your asset. 

This type of test is usually done for email marketing and website design but it can also be used for video content. Here are some components that you want to use when testing your marketing video content: 

Video Length

You can make two sets of videos with different lengths. This will help you know if your message should be conveyed with shorter or longer airtime. You may also want to track the metrics between the two. Chances are that people will be able to finish watching the shorter video compared to the longer version. However, the longer video might also have a higher click-through rate than the shorter. After having the results of the test your team can now decide which video should be published depending on the goals and priority of the campaign. 

Video Title

Here you can make variations. It will be best to have a simple title. The tone of the title matters a lot. Picking the right kind of tone for your title might be tricky but the demographics of your audience can help. Although, going through the test will help you understand if the chosen tone suits your audience or not. Make sure that the length and capitalization of the title should be consistent. 

Video Thumbnail

This is integral to the success of your video. It’s the first visual signal that your audience will see. First impressions have a big impact and it will be best to make a good one. You can choose different screenshots from your video or simple graphics of the title. These are the options that you can test out. 

Video On-screen text

You can test if videos with on-screen text or without it will be the best fit for you. This can be done in the post-production process. It will help identify if the video resonates with the audience. 

Video Music

Music can easily be swapped out. You can make variations with the music and see which will be favored by the audience. From classical to upbeat and modern music, it will be best to test as many as possible for better results. 

Video call to action

CTAs are very important. This is the last straw that will make or break your video. It should be powerful and effective enough for them to proceed on knowing your brand better. Make multiple versions of your CTA to test which will be the best fit for the video and the audience to respond to. 

Final thoughts

Producing videos and content for brand recognition can be daunting enough, how much more testing them to see which are the most effective. These tests can be arduous for startups and those who just set up a website and are starting to plan out campaigns. It’s ideal to consult Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and trusted agencies who have been in the industry and have variable knowledge in the art and science of ad testing. The future is here and it will be an excellent investment to hire or consult SMEs to make sure that you are on the right track to reach your goals. 

Let us help you in testing your video content that’s integral to the success of your campaigns.

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