Flexible Market Research Solutions That Engage Your Customers

Accurately Test

Marketing Creatives Digital Ads New Product Ideas Brand Messaging Logos & collateral Billboards & OOH Radio & Streaming

In Hours!

Market Research For All Your Needs:

Spot Trender Cloud

Leverage our self-service online platform for quickly and cost effectively running market research studies.

White Glove Experience

Our full-service team can handle complex research from start to finish giving you presentation ready insights reports.

Test ANY type of content for ANY channel

Test any type of Concept, from new products to commercials. Our flexible methodologies have you covered.

Traditional TV Ads

Digital, Social, & Mobile Ads

Long-form shows & movies

Test any type of Video Content. Get Live Audience Reaction Graphs to diagnose and improve the emotional experience of your spots.

Package, Product Design, Logos, Print

Test Early Concepts, Storyboards, & Animatics

Out-of-Home, Billboards and More

Test any type of Branding. Understand your brand or competitor’s key performance metrics through pre-testing or tracking in-market perceptions.

Radio, Music, or other Audio w/Live Audience Feedback

Brand Messaging, Affinity, & Perceptions

Brand Health, KPIs & Competitor Tracking

See how Spot Trender

Take a custom interactive tour with one of our ad testing experts. Seeing is believing.
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