Higher performing ads start with actionable insights

Spot Trender is the consumer insights platform behind high-performing marketing campaigns. Track your brand KPIs to make informed strategic decisions, or test your video ads to drive higher sales and avoid costly campaigns that fail.

Insights in hours, starting under $1,500 per spot.


Only put your best ads forward

Competitively test your ads to gain the consumer insights you need

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Unbiased, accurate, and actionable

Understand the why behind your ad’s performance with Spot Trender’s patented live audience emotional reaction and comments technology.

Second-by-Second, Scene-by-Scene

Optimizing your creative for maximum results starts with learning what is emotionally driving your audience.

Pinpoint key moments in your video that help or hurt your ads, brand, and sales.

  • An example of second-by-second live audience reaction graph with thumbnails of key scenes in the video advertisement
  • An example of second-by-second live audience reaction graph with thumbnails of key negative scenes in the video advertisement
  • A map of the united states of America with a heat map of where research respondents live with audience commentary from the ad test
  • A map of the united states of America with a heat map of where research respondents live

Dive Deeper Into The ‘Why’

Real-time reactions combined with demographic and survey responses provide you with a deeper understanding of how to optimize your ads for maximum performance in the market.

Quantitative and Qualitative data

The Spot Trender platform was created with flexibility in mind, providing you a range of data collection methodologies with quant and/or qual survey design as well as our patented interactive technologies and analysis.

Statistics made easy

Gain both quant and qual data through our reaction graph system, essential statistics on live reactions, and build rich surveys with our simple to use tools allowing logic, open-ended, conditional, and closed/quant questionnaire formats.

  • A chart of key metrics: brand affinity, purchase intent, and ad recall from a brand tracking study from 3 tests in a year
  • An example of quantitative research results in a data table with statistical testing indications of significance and color coding highest and lowest KPI scores

Track Brand KPIs Long-term

Spot Trender provides industry-leading value for longitudinal studies:

Maximizing ROI

Measuring campaign ROI and optimizing your ad spend with comprehensive insights.

Optimize Campaigns

Adjust messaging, creative, or targeting midcampaign with unique live reactions

Performance Context

Gain research insights that add context to your campaign performance.
  • Spot Trender is not just a research services provider to us. The team led by Chris and Rick is a true insights partner. They deliver everything we need – quality, agility, flexibility, incredible value, and outstanding service. If you are looking for an extension of your marketing and creative team – look no further.

    Maria Henson Sr. Manager, Market Research & Insights, Visit Orlando
  • Traditional ‘brainstorming’ doesn’t work and you need an iterative discovery process to identify and refine concepts to ensure success. That’s why I use spot Trender to get the data I need quickly and affordably.

    Greta Mowry President, Verge Group Innovation Consulting
  • Spot Trender’s analysis of our video portfolio provided us with a competitive understanding within the video space. This has allowed for continued success with our campaigns across several channels.

    Larissa Schenck Director of Marketing, 1800 Pet Meds
  • I have had the pleasure of relying on Spot Trender for creative and positioning guidance twice and each time found their professionalism, knowledge indispensable in developing and fine-tuning the direction for our advertising and marketing communications. Their uniquely collaborative approach was also quite refreshing as they acted as true partners to help us understand our positioning options and achieve the most impactful creative messaging.

    Donald Halleck VP Advertising, Promotions and Sponsorships (retired), VyStar Credit Union

Get actionable insights now

For less than $1,500 per spot

Intro Insights Package

  • Test 3 spots starting at $4,000
  • Add additional spots starting at $1,000/spot
  • 300 people/spot, US representative targeting
  • Standard survey template + 3 custom questions
  • Up to 1 minute in length per spot

Need something more custom?

Working with us is easy!

  • Send us your videos or creative

    TV, Digital, Concepts, Static, etc.

  • We launch your test

    1000s of people instantly give feedback

  • Analysis and report delivered

    After quality checks, we analyze and provide an insights report

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