Testing Brand Personality for Beauty Brands

Have you ever seen an ad that you absolutely love but forgot what it was about? This is the last thing you’d want to happen to you. To avoid this fate, you’ll want to ensure that your brand’s personality comes through. With the proper ad testing methodology, you can get your audience to love you, remember you, and buy your products!

We recently tested a brand new concept for a well-established beauty brand. They had three key questions:

  1. Would people buy their new product?
  2. How would they feel about the brand after seeing the ad?
  3. Would people recall new product benefits?


We surveyed women between the ages of 16-40, who frequently wear makeup. We segmented the participants into two groups, 16-25 and 26-40, for comparison.

The survey was curated to assess both qualitative and quantitative metrics. We assessed brand opinion, brand recall, purchase intent, brand personality attributes, and product recall. In addition to open-ended verbatim, we measure their likes/dislikes of the video concepts to the second.


The concept performed very well overall, however, there were some key differences between the women ages 25 or under vs. women ages 25+.

The 26-40 group was more likely to share, purchase, and recommend the brand. The 26-40 group also had a stronger reception of the message clarity and a stronger perception of brand personality attributes.

The open-ended questions proved equally insightful. Viewers loved seeing models and actresses of diverse ethnic backgrounds and varying skin tones. They also expressed a likeness for the product and the product’s claims. On the negative side, some participants found the models to be wearing too much makeup, which detracted from the overall ad experience. They also found certain scenes to be irrelevant to the product being sold. The younger group (16-25) had a lower brand opinion overall. Brand opinion for women 16-25 was much lower than the industry norm. Future tests could further optimize the results for this age group; to dive deeper into what they look for in a beauty brand and which brand personality attributes they resonate with.

Want to see if your brand personality measures up? Spot Trender can help you make positive changes to your brand’s ads? Spot Trender is a full-service ad testing company—we help our clients test their concepts/storyboards all the way to post-produced spots. Contact us now. We’ll work with you to craft powerful messages.




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