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The research firm Clutch recent survey found that advertising influences nearly 90% of the public´s purchase decisions of goods and services. This statistic includes not only traditional media (TV ads, print, radio, and billboards, amongst others) but other recent concepts, such as digital and mobile advertising. With so much competition to capture our attention, it’s important to understand the triggers to drive the desired reaction in your consumers. The answer to this dilemma is definitely TV ad Testing and research.

Despite the ongoing digitalization of the advertisement industry and the proliferation of streaming services, TV is still the most popular and effective channel around the world. In the United States, a worldwide leader in the advertisement market, television ads rank second after the internet with approximately one-fifth of the total US media and revenue

Perception and consumption habits of TV advertising among adults in the United States as of October 2021
Perception and consumption habits of TV advertising among adults in the United States as of October 2021


Moreover, TV ads influence around 60% of consumers. This is why it is one of the most expensive forms of advertising. For us marketers, it is important to analyze wisely where to spend a given budget and improve ROI and KPIs. So if you choose this form of advertisement, you should do it the right way.

Spot trender, our consumer insights digital platform, utilizes technology to deliver valuable insights to their clients by ad testing their campaigns before, during, and after launch. Typically, ad research analyses not only our audiences levels of attention but also brand linkage, motivations, entertainment and communication.

This scientific roadmap helps businesses achieve their goals and increase their revenue without wasting their money and time. Despite how good your advertising is, there is always an opportunity to optimize it. For instance, we use Spot trender to test our new video explainer. For all our colleagues it was a good creation, until we got new data and insights from our platform.

So, what is ad testing?

Ad testing is a type of market research that presents various ad concepts to a target population and collects their feedback for further evaluation. You can get insights for a complete ad or from some elements of your ad. This process will give you the corresponding data and insights to know if your ad is convincing enough to generate an emotion or need for your consumers. 

A successful process for ad testing includes a detailed plan for each client that delivers useful insights about their marketing campaign or the elements that composes it. It doesn’t matter how much you are spending on a particular campaign or if you are using influencers and celebrities to promote your product or service. What is truly a game changer is to test, test and test. Moreover, you don’t waste your time and budget with a marketing campaign that do not resonate with your user. 

5 practices for improved ad testing
Top 5 ways to improve your ad testing

Why do we have to test a TV ad?

Regardless of your experience in the industry and how comprehensive your TV advert plan is, the key to success lies in really knowing how people will relate and react to your creation. Is also a smart move not to spend a fortune without being sure it will convince your audience and meet your goals.

Considering that more than 122.4 million households in the United States have at least one TV, and the spending in the advertising industry is over 66 billions, testing becomes a must in your marketing campaigns. There is a huge scope to drive front-of-mind trust and awareness amongst a broad audience of viewers.

This means there are plenty of opportunities to deliver high-quality ads to relevant audiences. By testing different iterations of your ad,  you and your team can discover invaluable information to ensure the desired effect in your audience. Testing is a scientific approach to optimizing your marketing mix and your budget. Moreover, it is an opportunity to captivate your audience’s attention and not only disrupt their viewing experience. 

So how can your marketing team leverage TV advertisements to maximum impact?

A typical test process will include the following to leverage your TV ads impact. 

  1. Recruit of panel (database of almost 100 million worldwide verified)
  2. Participants are prompted with questions before looking at the TV commercial.
  3. Participants are exposed to the media and use an interactive rating system that collects live reactions and verbatims that resonate more with your audience.
  4. Participants are asked follow-up questions designed to measure (quantitatively and qualitative) elements such as persuasion, engagement, breakthrough, and brand KPIs.
  5. Finally, the analysis of the study data will include comparisons of target markets, comparisons of similar commercials, second-by-second reactions, and creatives in the project. 

This is the first step to test not only your ads but also compare them to successful ones from your competitors. You will identify weaknesses or flaws before launching your ads. This will make all the difference. 

Whatever your advertising plans are, testing should be the most important part of it. The best TV ads are remembered and really resonate with your target audience. Testing offers you the chance to create a memorable ad that will enhance brand awareness and increase your sales. Isn’t it why you are doing them in the first place?
Spot Trender has advanced the research industry by being the first firm to offer insights in just hours instead of weeks with its disruptive cloud-based platform, automation, and partnerships with the largest panel companies connecting brands to over 70 million people globally. Want to know more?




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