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Spot Trender to Showcase Consumer Response to Super Bowl XLIX Commercials in Real Time

Mountain View, CA (January 27, 2015) – For the second year, Spot Trender will be displaying the capabilities of their advertising testing platform during the NFL Super Bowl: American advertising’s biggest stage. Their data will show second-by-second consumer responses to a handful of spots shown during the big game’s coveted commercial breaks. There are over a dozen brands advertising for the first time this year such as Avocados from Mexico and Skittles; both featuring 30-second ads in the first half. Spot Trender’s testing will reveal how new ads and strategies compare to the veteran Super Bowl advertisers.

“Creating compelling and persuasive advertisements is no easy feat, and every year marketers showcase some of their best work during the Super Bowl. We are really excited to dive into what makes these great ads tick with consumers,” said Spot Trender CEO, Chris South. The team is looking forward to reporting the results, which are not always easy to anticipate, “Bigger budgets don’t necessarily correlate to better advertising, so we’ll just have to see what the audience thinks and ultimately what the data suggests was successful. We’re encouraging brands to get on board and see for themselves.”

Spot Trender is currently recruiting interested brands to participate in this year’s Ad Performance Test. Benefits from participation include receiving all raw data from the test, the Super Bowl ads white paper, as well as post-game media coverage highlighting the results. More information can be found about participating by clicking here.

Spot Trender’s analysis last year included competition among brands like GoDaddy and Squarespace, revealing the points in each company’s commercials where consumers reacted positively or negatively. Both spots featured bodybuilders and business owners, with highlights like GoDaddy’s Danika Patrick reveal, and Squarespace’s tag line both receiving the most positive responses. Click here to see Spot Trender’s complete analysis from Super Bowl XLVIII.

Spot Trender is aiming to show how their cloud-based, pre-testing platform can help all brands pinpoint consumer reactions to their spots at any point in the creative process. The majority of their clients’ testing happens earlier in the creative process with storyboards or animatics to help brands spend less money downstream on major production edits. Oppositely, the Super Bowl is an interesting opportunity to see how some of the year’s most developed creative concepts rank. “Testing finished ads still yields very interesting and actionable results, as we saw from last year’s Super Bowl test,” South added. Along with their ability to record second-by-second reactions, Spot Trender also boasts data in as little as 3 hours, which will be put to the test during the game on February 1.
About Spot Trender

Spot Trender is an advertising technology platform that helps brands and agencies predict the impact and persuasiveness of their TV, online, and radio advertisements from creative concepts to post production. Spot Trender’s powerful cloud-based testing platform has developed an impressive track record as the world’s fastest qualitative and quantitative ad testing solution with the largest world-wide audience reach accurately predicting ads success in as little as 3 hours instead of 3 weeks.




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