2014 Super Bowl Commercials – Consumer Reaction Charts

Spot Trender wanted to know how America responded to this year’s Super Bowl ads. We carefully selected a set of ads to conduct in-depth research.

Second-by-Second Reaction Graphs

While watching each commercial, panelists register their reactions on a moment-by-moment basis using their keyboard. These reactions – either likes or dislikes – are then graphed below. Likes are represented in green and dislikes in red. The net reaction at each second is shown in white.

GoDaddy – Bodybuilder

GoDaddy Super Bowl Ad Reaction GraphSelected viewer comments:
“I loved the shirtless body builders. I couldn’t take my eyes off them!!!” -Female, 20s, Southern US, Higher-income, Not current GoDaddy customer
“Too silly, trying to make up for the all the sexist ads?” -Female, 60s, Midwest, Mid-income, Not current GoDaddy customer

Squarespace – “A Better Web Awaits”

SqauareSpace Ad Reaction Graph

Selected viewer comments:
“I thought it amusing and entertaining, I really liked the opening sequence the best” -Female, 40s, Western US, Mid-income, Currently Squarespace customer
“Didn’t understand the concept or relationship of the ad to the company” -Male, 60s, Northeastern US, Mid-income, Not currently Squarespace customer

Volkswagen – “Wings”

Volkswagen Ad Reaction Graph

Selected viewer comments:
“It was unique. It was cute. Relatable in the dad and daughter talking in the car.” -Female, 20s, Midwestern US, Mid-income, Not a current Volkswagen owner
” I liked the angel wing effect. I did not like the bathroom urinal part even though the mens back was toward us that part was not necessary.” -Female, 60s, Northeastern US, Higher-income, Not current Volkswagen owner

Toyota – “Terry Crews & The Muppets”

Toyota Ad Reaction Graph

Selected viewer comments:
“Loved the Muppets! We need to see them more often! The only off thing was when he was shirtless…seemed unnecessary.” -Female, 50s, Southern US, Mid-income, Not a Toyota customer
“New and unique keeps your attention The Muppets – make this commercial very entertaining. Just about everyone has related to these characters sometime in there lives. Good job”. -Male, 50s, Northeastern US, Lower-income, Current Toyota customer

H&M – “David Beckham”

Selected viewer comments:
“Nothing to dislike it’s David Beckham duh…too bad you can’t show nudity in commercials.” -Male, 20s, Western US, Mid-income, Current H&M customer
“No thank you on nakedness I know it was meant to be cute or funny but you guys miss the mark” -Female, 30s, Southern US, Lower-income, Current H&M customer


After watching the ad, panelists were asked a series of questions.

“Overall, how much did you like this ad?”

  • 5 – Would share it with friends
  • 4 – I would happily watch it again
  • 3 – Take it or leave it
  • 2 – I would not want to watch it again
  • 1 – I found it really off-putting

The percent of respondents who answered the top two choices (4 or 5) are graphed below.
Likability Ad

“After watching this ad, you are __________ to purchase to purchase from this brand.”

  • 5 – much more likely
  • 4 – more likely
  • 3 – no more likely
  • 2 – less likely
  • 1 – much less likely

The percent of respondents who answered the top two choices (4 or 5) are graphed below.
Likely to Purchase

“After watching this ad, how do you feel about this company versus other brands.”

  • 5 – a much better opinion
  • 4 – a slightly better opinion
  • 3 – the same opinion as before
  • 2 – a slightly worse opinion
  • 1 – a much worse opinion

The percent of respondents who answered the top two choices (4 or 5) are graphed below.
Brand Preference

About our methodology:

A sampling of U.S. residents were invited to watch these Super Bowl ads and answer questions. Panelists were recruited in a manner to represent the larger US population. Each panelists saw and rated only one video. Before watching the video, the panelists are asked questions to assess demographics and establish a baseline for sentiment. After watching the video, the panelists are asked additional questions. Each video had a sample size of 300 completed responses.

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Spottrender helps brands and agencies pre-test commercials before they run so advertisers can pick the best spot to reach their audience. Contact ustoday.

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