5 Tips To Test The Effectiveness of A Marketing Video

Launching a marketing video is one of the best strategies that can help improve the position of your website on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). This brand recognition strategy is proven powerful and effective in inviting the audience to your website increasing the impressions. 

A video can help you connect with your audience and build brand awareness. It can also help build backlinks to the website, boost likes, and shares. You just need to make sure to tag with keywords and key phrases. These keywords will help your audience find the video easily and help your content rank better. Videos are also known to boost information retention among viewers. Appealing to more senses can help people remember and recall the information that you’ve launched. For a video to be effective, you should plan, test, analyze, and test again. 

Before conducting a video testing, you should ask yourself these three questions: 

1. What types of video converts best for your audience?

There are several types of videos available and you should determine which one will be the most effective for your audience. To decide, you should consider their demographics. Know the people that comprise your audience, the industry they are in or serve. Next, you should know their pain and motivation points too. Knowing your audience will help you understand the type of video that will speak to them the most. 

2. Is your message built toward a specific goal?

You should know the goal that you want your video to accomplish. Understanding the key points you need to make your video will ensure that you’ll accomplish everything that you hope to achieve. An effective video should be under two minutes long. Having a laser focus on your ultimate goal will help your video not wander off-topic. 

3. Is your message built to stand out from the crowd? 

There are times when words aren’t enough to tell people what your company offers and why they should choose you. It will be best to showcase your product or service through a professionally produced video that offers emotional engagement through storytelling, sound design, stunning visuals, and a clear message. 

After launching a beautifully curated video, the next step is to test the effectiveness of this content.

To help you to better test your marketing videos here are five tips to effectively conduct video testing: 

Use a test audience

It will be a good practice that each time you finish producing a video, you should share it with a test audience. They can be colleagues, friends, family, or anyone that you know. You should make sure that your chosen test audience should not have any information about the video or goals that you want to achieve. The fresh eyes can give you unbiased feedback that can help you know whether you’ve met the goals or you need to improve your video to communicate your intended message. 

A/B test your content

When producing videos for marketing it will be best to do A/B testing. Best to do a couple of different versions and use different techniques to see which video performs best. It’s ideal to make a couple of variations to try out different techniques. Then, like mentioned earlier have your test audience watch the videos. The feedback from the videos can help you make guided decisions for producing effective videos in the future. 

A/B your promotion

A/B testing doesn’t only help with your video content but with your promos as well. It will help a lot if you try different things with your promotion to see which will be most effective for you to reach your goals. You can try posting your content in different ways to see which performs better. At first, you can post with the video and the caption and in another instance, you can post it with the video. These will help you understand if the chosen approach is effective and what can be done to improve the results. 

Create and use UTM codes

To track the progress of your content it will be best to create and utilize the UTM codes. These codes are bits of text added to your URLs or links that will tell analytics where the traffic came from. It will help you track the number of people that came from the link tied to your video. This will make it easier for you to attribute video views to conversions. These codes should not be forgotten to be inserted. UTMs can provide where the traffic is coming from, how it’s getting to your website or platform, and why it’s coming to you. These data can help you track your progress and see if you are on your way to your goal, tweak your output, or change your strategy. This way you’ll spend less time and effort in chasing after the wind, instead, you’ll make better decisions with your time and resources. 

Take advantage of free analytic tools

Above all, you should utilize the tools that can help you measure everything from the number of views, watch time, engagement, and more. These will help you maximize the effectiveness of your content and not just waste time and resources in producing a video. The result from the analytics tools can help you make guided decisions on how to improve your content. 

Final thoughts

Producing videos and content can be daunting enough, how much more testing them to see which are the most effective. These tests can be arduous for startups and those who just set up a website and are starting to plan out campaigns. It’s ideal to consult Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and trusted agencies who have been in the industry and have variable knowledge in the art and science of ad testing. The future is here and it will be an excellent investment to hire or consult SMEs to make sure that you are on the right track to reach your goals. 

Let us help you in testing your video content that’s integral to the success of your campaigns.

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