Finally we come to the last important validation that you may have made a truly great ad campaign. If your tv commercials or ad campaigns have an evergreen quality you are truly a master.

1. Evergreen

If you haven’t had to change advertising themes in the last two decades, and it is still nearly as effective as it was from day one, you are in an elite circle of mad men.

Jack in the Box: The theme of this long-standing campaign revolves around the life and times of the fictionalized CEO, Jack, who has a styrofoam head. Jack is shown as a no-nonsense, modern executive across an array of scenarios in which he makes decisions about marketing, product management, and even his own family affairs. 

The theme is so broad it remains evergreen and can be molded to almost any situation or idea.  Much in the way the Simpsons remains the same and yet molds to the changing times, the Jack campaign has not had to veer from this concept in decades to remain fresh.  

Jack in the Box has the longest running advertising campaign of any fast-food company. And it all started as an ingenious response to a tragedy that almost killed the whole franchise. Jack in the box suffered from a devastating e coli outbreak.

Restaurants in many parts of the country shuttered. If they were to recover from this, they reasoned they’d need to be born again. This is the seminal commercial that signaled the death of the old Jack In The Box and the birth of a new brand that stood for high quality food:

The campaign really got going however, with this next step that introduced Jack as a live figure.




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