Secrets To Massively Increase Your Viral Views

Facebook videos are experiencing massive growth; users are watching billions of videos a day according to Facebook. Let’s look at videos shared natively on Facebook versus YouTube. For instance, according to Slate, a video by YouTube star Destin Sandlin accumulated 20 million views in nine months on YouTube; however, when it was uploaded natively on Facebook, it gained 18 million views in two days. Other studies back up this phenomenon. For instance, according to Socialbakers, Facebook videos have 10X higher viral reach than YouTube links.

The challenge for advertisers looking to promote their videos virally on Facebook is that videos on Facebook feeds are automatically muted. Naturally, most videos wouldn’t be able to get the message across fully. Let’s examine how you can optimize your videos to overcome this challenge:

  • To design a good test for social media, target social media power users. People who are likely to share on social media (3+ times a week) would make good respondents.
  • Your video’s initial 5 second needs to grab attention and encourage people to click on the video – even when it’s muted. This means the spot needs to have attention-grabbing graphics and texts. In your survey, ask follow up questions such as “Did the tag line capture your attention?” “How likely are you to click on this video if seen on your Facebook social feed?” “How likely are you to share this video?” If budget allows, you can A/B test your full video against the muted version then compare the results.
  • Focus on initial impression. Ask open-ended questions such as “What is your initial impression of this video?”. Videos with emotional responses are more likely to be shared (e.g. “this makes me sad”, “it’s inspiring”, “made me laugh out loud!”)

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