Optimize Persuasion With Reaction Graphs

“Content is king!”

 – Bill Gates

Many factors impact your commercial’s persuasion: visual, music, actors, content, and more. With the rise of auto-mute videos on major social media channels such as Facebook, copy points (what’s being said) became more important than ever when considering your omni-channel strategies.

In addition to high quality quantitative and qualitative data, Spot Trender provides live second-by-second reaction graphs. Knowing how your target audience feels about your spot every second gives you the unprecedented power and control to create the most persuasive commercial.

For instance, here’s what one of our clients said about using Spot Trender to optimize the content of his radio spots:

“Spot Trender’s reaction graphs provide a great story telling tool when we work with clients to help optimize their spots. We correlated reaction graph peaks and troughs to copy points, and identified which copy points were most persuasive. This visual tool let us focus on how to emphasize the positive points, as well as cutting out the less effective parts of the ad”.

Jack MacKenzie, Senior Advisor at Oxford Road—a data-driven advertising agency serving top Silicon Valley technology companies.




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