Is Your Brand Trustworthy?

The issue of trust has been at the forefront of the public consciousness recently, from politics to business. You’ve probably heard of the Clinton email controversy, or the Volkswagen diesel scandal. As trust is one of the most important factors affecting your brand, let’s examine how you can use optimize your ads through testing and increase your brand’s trustworthiness.

  • Identify what your customers already trust about your brand: Survey your existing customers, ask “Brand X is trust worthy” (Likert, strongly agree – strongly disagree). For those who answered “strongly agree” or “somewhat agree”, ask a follow up question: “Why do you trust brand X?” This method works even with brands that have recently been damaged, as you can find out why those few that still trust the brand still do.
  • Test concepts/story board for next branded ads: Now that you understand why people trust your brand, work with your creative to create different storyboards with voice-over to elicit trust. It’s a great tool because you can test multiple concepts without incurring heavy video production costs. For this round of testing, focus on trustworthiness as well as likelihood to act (consider brand, purchase products/services, and recommend friends.)
  • Produce and run your spot: While traditional TV ads are effective, social media is increasingly more important. As you run your new spot, work closely with your PR/Social media team to maximize your spot’s ROI.

Spot Trender is the world’s most advanced ad-testing platform with full-service enterprise support by Silicon Valley’s top data scientists and market researchers. We’ve work with top Fortune 500 brands to make better ads, optimizing important metrics such as Trustworthiness, Likability, and Likelihood to Act. We’d love to work with you! Give us a call at 1 (800) 755 – 5790 or email us.




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