#WomenOfSuperBowl: Examine Portrayal of Women, Gender Norms in the Super Bowl

#WomenOfSuperBowl: Spot Trender’s Second-By-Second Analysis to Examine Portrayal of Women, Gender Norms

Results Released Within Three Hours of Airing

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (February 1st, 2016) – Spot Trender, an industry leader in cloud-based ad-testing technology, announced today their third annual Super Bowl Ad Performance Test. Conducted for Super Bowl 50, this year’s test will examine themes relating to sexuality, gender roles and women in the workplace. The results will combine live, second-by-second comments and reactions from participants. The Super Bowl ads, announced at a later date, will be analyzed in as few as three hours and posted on Spot Trender’s blog and Twitter account with the hashtag “#WomenOfSuperBowl”.

“We’re very interested to see how viewers react to the female actors, personalities and gender norms in this year’s Super Bowl commercials,” said Chris South, CEO of Spot Trender. “As one of the only ad-testing firms that can provide analytics so quickly and accurately, we believe this year’s test will yield fascinating results that will prove useful to any CEO and marketer. What’s unique about our campaign is that reactions will be captured in real-time, during the most-watched sporting event of the year.”

With more than 45 million worldwide participants, Spot Trender is well known in the industry for both boasting one of the world’s largest participant pools and outperforming traditional ad-testing methods. Their current platform produces ad performance results in as soon as three hours, beating the status quo of more than three weeks, providing firms with greater flexibility with quick decision-making regarding advertising at any point during the production process.
Spot Trender’s analysis last year included competition among brands like GoDaddy and Squarespace, revealing the points in each company’s commercials to which consumers reacted positively or negatively. Click here to see Spot Trender’s complete analysis from Super Bowl XLVIII.

Spot Trender is an advertising technology platform that helps brands and agencies predict the impact and persuasiveness of their TV, online, and radio advertisements from creative concepts to post production. Spot Trender’s cloud-based testing platform has developed an impressive record as the world’s fastest qualitative and quantitative ad testing solution with the largest worldwide audience reach, accurately predicting ads’ success in as little as three hours, compared with the three week industry standard. Owners Chris South and Rick Nguyen founded Spot Trender in 2011. For more information, visit Spot Trender’s website at www.spottrender.com or email info@spottrender.com.

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