Spot Trender announced Winners for Reel Summit Contest

SAN FRANCISCO (August 1, 2013).  Video experts from around the world convened at the 2013 Video Marketing Summit in San Francisco on July 25th and 26th in an event hosted by ReelSEO and LiveClicker. Spot Trender, a company that provides market research services for video, helped to sponsor the event and partnered with the conference organizers to run the Spot Contest.

Conference attendees were invited to submit one of their most recent ads or videos to be rated by fellow attendees and ReelSEO followers around the world. “We really didn’t know what kind of videos people would submit”, says Spot Trender co-founder Rick Nguyen “but once we saw the videos we were blown away by the creativity.” A few dozen videos were submitted and culled down by experts to a smaller set to be voted on by video and marketing professionals.

The videos were uploaded using Spot Trender’s market research platform.  Professionals in the industry then rated the videos using Spot Trender’s online platform by using the built-in Response Meter during the video to rate parts of the video “up” or “down” as well as provide comments pegged at the appropriate keyframes. From this input, Spot Trender generated response graphs and sentiment analysis for each video. The data was combined with expert analysis to yield the final winners.

Spot Trender Video Contest Highlights

Overall Winner

  • Submitted by: Chris Concannon

This video won best overall spot because it was playful, memorable and the product remained central to the story. It’s not only a terrific video, but also a success story for crowdsourcing creative. Brother™ and Poptent crafted the “Office Brothers” theme and then put out a call to Poptent’s top 10 creators to submit scripts. They selected two entries and worked with 323Media and Hero Status films for filming and editing.

Winner in the B2C Category:

High ratings for this spot were due to the terrific production value, the touching human story, and some darn cute kids that gave the audience a reason to stop and think about how a bank could help families.

Winner in the B2B Category:

Sometimes it can be difficult to find an entertaining or engaging way to talk about business services or platform technology.  Limelight, however, found an engaging hook to bring some levity to a problem faced by marketers.  “The premise was simple—we knew that customers had a problem. But just saying that was boring. So we took it to the nth degree. We made the problem a medical condition,” explains Clare Kirlin of Limelight Networks.

Winner in the PSA Category

What does environmentalism have to do with rap music?  This spot takes the unorthodox approach of using gritty rhymes to delivering what might otherwise be bland advice about how to recycle oil.

Winners will receive a 12-month subscription ($1,200 value) to Spot Trender’s DIY tools which allow the subscriber to get an unlimited amount of detailed feedback from their own network.  Subscribers can upload just one video or upload multiple to A/B test them against one another or benchmark against competitive videos.

In addition to potentially winning a prize, the participants all received something else: unbiased feedback.  “When you have written the creative brief, filmed the shoot, and watched the edits umpteen times, it’s nearly impossible to look at it with a fresh set of eyes.” explains co-founder Chris South.  “That’s where Spot Trender comes in to get thousands of fresh perspectives from the people who matter most: your target demographic.”

“Having the feedback graph was great but the comments were priceless.” explains Kristin Bass-Petersen of The Pod Advertising.   On the subject of open-text feedback about the videos, Clair Kirlin of Limelight Networks agreed. “Some of the feedback was very pointed—how the video was structured, where information was presented, the timeline of the narrative. That was really helpful as we think about future spots.”

 About Spot Trender
Spot Trender lets brands, agencies, and video producers get R.E.A.L.™ feedback from thousands of consumers in their target demographic during video post-production. The R.E.A.L. metrics measure changes in Retention, Engagement, Awareness, and Likelihood before and after watching a video spot. Spot Trender combines this qualitative and quantitative data with expert analysis to help guarantee that the final edits will connect with consumers and deliver on the creative concept to its fullest.  This saves money from being wasted in market on spots that are sub-optimized for success. Spot Trender is based in Mountain View, California.

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