Is your brand benefiting from Esports Advertising?

Esports Advertising is the future. In 2018, esports reached $869 million in revenue, with nearly 400 million viewers worldwide, and forecasted to reach $2.96 billion by 2022, according to Goldman Sachs

esports advertising

Esports is lucrative for advertisers because it’s a highly effective way to engage Gen Z and younger millennials, who are harder to reach via previously tried-and-true channels, like TV. In fact, leading brands like Coca-Cola, Intel, Red Bull, and Comcast have been investing heavily in Esports. 

This begs the question: Is your brand benefiting from Esports advertising? More importantly: How do you maximize your ROI advertising in Esports?

Let’s discuss at a high level how you can measure your Esports advertising campaigns. 

1.Identify the best sponsorship opportunity and create a baseline 

Let’s say you’re looking to sponsor a Fornite (it’s a very popular game) player, and you have the option to pick between Ninja, TFue, and Myth. Each of them is famous in his own right and has millions of followers. For instance, Ninja has 14 million Twitch followers and 22 million Youtube subscribers. 

To pick the best sponsorship candidates, you could create and field a survey with the following specs:

  • Target: Current and potential customers. 
  • Questions: 
    • Sponsorship opportunity: Do they watch these players? If so, who’s their customer favorite? What are the “brand metrics” my customers assign to each of the players? How appropriate is each player to represent your brand/products?
    • Baseline: How do they feel about your brand right now? How likely are they to buy your products/services?
2. Execute the campaign 

Armed with data from step 1, you can now run the campaign. If it’s your first time, you could start small. Starting small makes it simpler to track and measure your campaign effectiveness. The campaign can be as simple as having your logo on TFue shirt for 1 month during live streams.

3. Evaluate ROI

There are many ways to evaluate your ROI. One of the simplest is to assign your player with a unique sponsor link which he/she promotes directly.

However, oftentimes, in reality, you wouldn’t be able to get a straightforward unique sponsor link (like having your logo on TFue shirt for 1 month). In this case, you could run a post-campaign survey. This survey should be very similar to the baseline survey. Once you receive the results, you’d be able to see if there’s any difference in brand perception and purchase intent among the people who watch TFue. 

From here, you can start optimizing your future campaigns and benefit from a new, amazing way to reach Gen Z & younger Millennials!

Overall, the process sounds simple but there are many details involved. At Spot Trender, our automated ad testing platform includes expert-created survey templates used by top brands to test their Esports advertising campaigns. You can design and evaluate your campaign with a few clicks on our platform, and our service team is only one phone call away. We’d love to hear from you, contact us and let us know how we might help!

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